Developing an interactive display case


A group of academics from the Schools of Arts and Computer Science, led by Jo Elsworth at the University of Bristol’s Theatre Collection, worked with creative industry partner Aerian, a digital software agency, to develop a prototype interactive display case.

Their aim was to develop new and stimulating ways to curate and display cultural content. The work was funded through the REACT Hub (Research Enterprise in the Creative Technologies).


The prototype museum case augments the physically displayed object with digital information. It turns the glass front of the display into an interface that enables users to interactively explore and discover more about the item on display.


The product is powered by a web application, creating a system that captures each visitor’s interactions and patterns of engagement. It can then deliver intelligence to museums and experiential organisations about user engagement with objects.

The University of Bristol Theatre Collection provided the curatorial expertise necessary to help shape the analytics package, ensuring it is well suited to the museum industry.

The prototype is under further development for commercialisation.

Read more about the Tact.to project.

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