Renal cell lines

Academic Renal Group transforms the study and design of potential treatments for renal disease

For industrial and academic scientists working on potential treatments for renal disease, having a suit of renal cells that express normal phenotype and function would represent a step change in their ability to design and study potential treatments.

The Academic Renal Group at the University of Bristol are a world leading team of non-clinical and clinical scientists engaged in improving the management, treatment and prevention of renal disease. To underpin this research a suite of renal cells have been conditionally immortalised, these lines offer ready availability of cells that express normal phenotype and function.

Crucial to the development of assays from these cell lines has been a CASE studentship with UCB, and it was through this studentship that they co-developed a glomerular cell co-culture system for drug screening. This led to licensing of cells to UCB who continue to collaborate with the University of Bristol on the development of assays for anti-fibrotic testing. The cell lines have now been licensed to multiple pharmaceutical companies, and are used in drug development and discovery for a variety of renal pathologies, reducing reliance on animal models.

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