Keeping greenbottles at bay

Providing zoological expertise for improved animal pharmaceuticals

Over 80% of UK sheep flocks are affected each year by infestation by the parasitic larvae of the common greenbottle blowfly. This creates a cost to farmers through treatment and control of the disease, and also through loss of animals. Novartis Animal Health produce treatments for these infestations and wanted to ensure that their products would meet farmers’ current and future needs.

Professor of Zoology at Bristol, Richard Wall, is an expert on the common greenbottle. He carried out wide-ranging research into how climate change may affect the blowfly season, which included some contract research and consultancy for Novartis Animal Health. His research and simulations suggested that farmers should expect a longer blowfly season, with a need for a new form of early and late season treatment.

As a result, Novartis Animal Health have developed a new product that specifically met this need.

"Prof Wall's recent findings highlighted not only the importance of blowfly protection at this time of year," said Helen Langham, Brand Manager at Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd, "but also helped facilitate a practical solution to the farmer by demonstrating the benefit of a control strategy using a Novartis product introduced to the market in 2011, CLikZiN®. Consequently, this work has enabled increased awareness of the need for early season protection, and together with Prof. Wall's previous research, will help in the advancement of education within the industry."

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