Ice Pigging

A new technique transforming the way drinking-water pipes are cleaned and maintained

Cleaning food and water pipes uses huge amounts of water to displace waste materials, with the addition of expensive harsh chemicals to scour the pipes clean.

Professor Joe Quarini has developed a green cleaning technique - 'ice pigging' - to improve pipe-cleaning productivity and save money.

Ice pigging involves pumping a thick ice slurry into the piping, which is then propelled through the pipe sweeping away debris and sediment. The slushy consistency pushes through the pipe, scouring it effectively. Once it leaves the pipe the ice pig melts into water, making it easily disposable and hazard-free.

Exclusive worldwide rights for the technology have been licensed to Agbar Environment, and this pioneering method is fast becoming the preferred water pipe cleaning technique for the water industry.

Professor Quarini commented on the invention being well received “I am pleased that ice pigging was identified by recognised water industry experts, and delighted that the technology has been taken on by Agbar who have the ability to ‘roll-out’ the technology throughout the world”.

Read the ice pigging case study.

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