Bristol Is Open

Developing the future of our cities

Bristol Is Open is a programmable digital infrastructure which enables R&D and innovation to be carried out at a city scale.

The infrastructure combines optical and wireless network technologies, cloud storage, computing and visualisation facilities (Data Dome). The platform is powered by a ‘City Operating System’ (CityOS) developed by the University’s High Performance Networks group

The ‘CityOS’ dynamically slices and controls the network to make sure that each user has appropriate connectivity and network provisions.   

The network design offers an experimental environment for companies and other partners to test new technologies and markets in communications, cloud and Internet of Things (IoT), without overloading the existing city infrastructure.  

Being able to generate data by deploying devices across the city helps companies/partners to better understand both global and local challenges, in areas such as energy, transport, health and waste.

Bristol City Council has opened up access to city-wide data, infrastructure and information, which adds to Bristol Is Open’s strength. It enables citizens, companies and academics together to develop innovative solutions to shape our future cities.

A joint venture between the University of Bristol and Bristol City Council, this collaboration has contributed to the recognition of Bristol as a leading smart city in the UK.

Cities are facing a challenge of how to cross the chasm from technology innovation to operational and business innovation. In our experience, we have found that our customers face several barriers to adopting new solutions, not least in how to provide test-bed facilities which can scale safely to a city-wide level while being economically effective across multiple projects.

Bristol Is Open makes use of cutting edge SDN - optical and wireless technologies, to provide an experimental IoT and big data platform across Bristol. This has created an environment where collaborative partnerships can form more easily and where new smart applications and services can be tested quickly with less risk.

And with Bristol’s emphasis of putting people of the city first and foremost in creation of new solutions, we at NEC believe that our partnership with Bristol Is Open helps us make sure that technology innovation is placed at the service and for the benefit of local communities.

Dejan Bojic, Smart Government and City Solutions Programme Director
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