Aerosol optical tweezers

Creating commercial devices for measuring airborne particles


Studying the evolotion of airborne particles is vital for many different areas of research and businesses. Conventional instruments for measuring them are limited, as they don't allow the study of any time-dependent processes.


Jonathan Reid, a Chemistry professor at Bristol, developed a technique to hold and manipulate particles, which allows many different parameters to be studied continuously. He discussed his technique and instrument designs with Biral, a small company that designs manufactures and distributes high quality meteorological sensors.

Using funding from the university’s EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account, they were able to collaborate to produce a demonstration instrument designed to enable non-specialists to use Prof Reid’s technique.


As a result, Biral has been able to add a new instrument to its offering, whilst the university researchers have been able to commercialise their research.

Read the aerosol optical tweezers case study.

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