Case studies

Keeping Greenbottles at Bay

Providing zoological expertise for improved animal pharmaceuticals

MCT Inhibitors

Research into a family of transporter proteins drives industry investment in cancer therapies

Aerosol optical tweezers

Creating commercial devices for measuring airborne particles


A new algorithm boosts efficiency of helicopter maintenance, cutting costs and downtime dramatically

Ice Pigging

A new technique transforming the way drinking-water pipes are cleaned and maintained

Chemical probes

Pharmacological tools developed at Bristol lead to spin-outs, sales revenues and industry investment

Chemical analysis

Developing an innovative imaging and analysis device for commercial exploitation

Diamond insights

World-renowned geologists work with global industry to realise the value of kimberlites

Good vibrations

Numerical models for smoother helicopter rides

Cracking graphite

Insights help extend life of nuclear power stations

Proof of the pudding

Research helps protect consumers from a weight-loss ingredient showing erratic results

The magic of mushrooms

Long-term collaborations to advance antibiotic development

Revolutionising industrial safety

Advancements in ultrasonic technology help businesses extend the service life of valuable assets

Digital technologies enable cultural organisations to transform and enhance visitor experience


Connecting loved ones through sound, light and touch

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