Connecting for research

At Brigstow, we spend a lot of our time speaking to people from within and beyond the university about potential research projects, particularly around introducing other disciplines and approaches to the project, making connections to others and about co-produced research. Usually people approach us with a view to applying for funding from us but we are happy to help if you are, for example, applying to UKRI with an interdisciplinary and/or co-produced research project.

Brigstow is a growing community of academics, research students and community partners who identify with our research priorities and see value for themselves and the wider constituencies they represent. Our community extends through organisations across Bristol city and beyond. It includes artists, creative industries, charitable organisations, businesses, the public and civic sector and independent researchers. Within the University of Bristol our interdisciplinary reach spreads across all faculties and schools.


If you are looking for connections, or further advice and support on an interdisciplinary proposal, contact us to see how we can help.

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