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At Brigstow we operate as a coproduced team. Whilst we have individual roles we work together with lots of overlap in order to remain true to our values.

 Photograph of Debbie Watson, Brigstow's Director.

Professor Debbie Watson, Institute Director

Debbie represents the Brigstow Institute at a senior level. She is a Professor of Child and Family Welfare, based in the School for Policy Studies and has co-led a number of research projects that directly address Brigstow’s interests. These have included interdisciplinary projects with academics across Social Sciences and Law as well as in Engineering, Arts and Medicine. All her projects are co-produced and have also included artists and creatives, statutory service providers (education and social work), children, young people and families and many civil society organisations in Bristol and beyond. Debbie and Gail work closely together to form collaborations and partnerships across the university and beyond, connect people around shared research interests, introduce interdisciplinary angles to a research project, and support research grants. Debbie is passionate about the possibilities of interdisciplinary and coproduced research and loves hearing about new research ideas!

headshot of Gail, Brigstow Manager.

Gail Lambourne, Institute Manager, Tel: +44(0)1174557500

Gail works closely with Debbie, but with more of a focus on the operational side of the Brigstow Institute. Together they help people form collaborations and partnerships, connect people around shared research interests, introduce interdisciplinary angles to a research project, and support research grants. Gail also works in liaison with professional services teams such as research development, ethics, finance and policy to help with simplifying processes and engage them with Brigstow’s activities. Gail enjoys chatting about new ideas and potential collaborations! Contact Gail if you are interested in finding out more about Brigstow or how to get involved.

Photograph of Julia Cassell, Brigstow's Co-ordinator.

Julia Cassell, Institute Coordinator, Tel: +441174552629

Julia can help if you’re not sure who you need to speak to at Brigstow. She can set up meetings with members of the team and help with the technicalities i.e. if you’re having problems signing up for events, sending us an application for funding or for general enquiries about Brigstow. 

Photograph of Ceri Maltby, Brigstow's communication officer.

Ceri Maltby, Institute Communications Officer

Ceri works on the Brigstow Institutes communications and engagement activities. She also assists our funded projects to develop activities to communicate their work and reach their desired audiences.


Brigstow Steering Group

Brigstow is led by the Director Professor Debbie Watson, the Manager Gail Lambourne and the Steering Group:

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