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Our vision is to transform the way we research all aspects of what it means to be human in the 21st century. We do this by enabling more equitable and relevant research that includes diverse voices and knowledge.


Brigstow is one of the University of Bristol’s Research Institutes that started in 2015 to foster interdisciplinary and co-produced research. We are a growing community of curious minds from the university and beyond who want to explore and find interventions to help us live better.


Brigstow mobilises, connects and resources people to consider and address the knotty problems facing individuals and societies. We know dynamic research needs space and trust to grow. Brigstow creates a nurturing and open space for people to uncover meaningful ways of living well and bring about deeper change within society.


Brigstow believes that pressing social and cultural challenges are best addressed collectively recognising the power of lived experience, academic knowledge from different disciplines and creative thinking.


Brigstow curates events and activities that respond to a wide range of ideas and challenges.

Brigstow loves engineering serendipitous encounters through everything from events to introductions, connecting people who are different yet have something in common.

Brigstow provides initial funding to playful, exploratory research teams enabling extraordinary ideas to emerge.

Brigstow is constantly reflecting and learning from our activities and projects to develop processes and resources to enable more equitable research now and in the future.

Brigstow is core funded by the University of Bristol but also collaborates with other funders within the university such as the Impact Accelerator Accounts to support exciting and impactful projects. 

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