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Isabella Mandl has article published in Bare Essentials Magazine

Female Sahamalaza Lemur and her offspring Isabella Mandl

Bare Essentials Issue 42 Bare Essential Magazine

5 January 2017

Congratulations to Isabella for having her work published in Bare Essentials Magazine

Isabella is a PhD Student here and has been tracking and observing Sahamalaza sportive lemurs since 2013 when an urge for adventure brought her to Madagascar after completing her Master's degree.

She is currently working together with the Association Européene pour l'Étude et Conservation des Lémuriens (AEECL) and the Bristol Zoological Society, UK. Her home is a tent under a mago tree where she spends her nights hiking through the forest in pursuit of scientific discoveries. 

Isabella conducted some PhD fieldwork in Madagascar where she studied the social behaviour and conservation of the nocturnal Sahamalaza sportive lemur.

Over the last year, Isabella has been writing about her research online and an Australian magazine called "Bare Essentials" published one of her articles in its latest issue.

It can be found here on page 26:

Follow Isabella in the field here:

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