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Sophie Nedelec wins Alumni Foundation Student Award

19 December 2014

Sophie Nedelec has won an Alumni Foundation Student Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to public engagement and widening participation, especially among school children, throughout her time in Bristol.

Sophie is a PhD student with Andy Radford and Steve Simpson (University of Exeter), investigating the potential impacts of anthropogenic noise on marine fish and invertebrates. In between fieldwork in exotic places, she has contributed towards, and led, a wide array of events. Some highlights include: European Bright Night, Science Cocktails; careers workshop for children aged 14 with charity IntoUniversity; helping run the kids area at Mischief Festival, annual contributions to the Festival of Nature (including interactive stalls on genetic modification of crops, anthropogenic noise impacts, and biodiversity); Bristol “I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here!”; “Lab in a Lorry”; audio diaries and podcasts for NERC; and “Biodiversity Week” in primary schools. 

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