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BBSRC strategic LoLa grant for parasite management

1 October 2014

Dr Eric Morgan has been awarded £290,655 to help farmers manage parasites in livestock.

Dr Eric Morgan (Vet School c/o LSB) has been awarded £290,655 within a BBSRC strategic LoLa grant led by Prof Eileen Devaney of Glasgow vet school. The BUG consortium (Building Upon the Genome) will work to advance understanding of the mechanisms of anthelmintic resistance in nematodes of livestock, provide new molecular markers for resistance, and develop vaccine candidates. The Bristol component will explore climate-management interactions in the selection of resistant nematodes, to support evidence based recommendations for farmers to enhance the sustainability of parasite control. This is an early example of synergy between disciplines (and departments) as fostered by our fine new building. The new facilities were instrumental in the success of this grant application. 

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