Next generation sequencing and library preparation

The Bristol Genomics Facility has the capacity to run both high output and low output next generation sequencing experiments.

The Illumina NextSeq500 system is perfect for the sequencing of whole genomes and transcriptomes, and the Illumina MiSeq has a range of outputs and read lengths generally suited to the sequencing of small genomes, amplicons and targeted applications. Both instruments offer a rapid run time ensuring quick delivery of results. We offer a range of library preparation services and are happy to consider custom library preparation options to assist your research.

Library preparation services

Illumina MiSeq sequencing

Illumina NextSeq500 sequencing

Illumina MiSeq instrument – for small genomes, amplicons and targeted applications requiring lower output 

Illumina NextSeq instrument – for whole genomes and transcriptomes requiring high output

Automated liquid handling capabilities for library preparation

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