Workshop in Ecology and Behaviour Seminar: Dr Isabel Almudi (University of Seville)

11 May 2021, 4.00 PM - 11 May 2021, 5.00 PM

Dr Isabel Almudi (University of Seville), hosted by Dr Jordi Paps Montserrat



Mayflies take off: a new evo-devo model to investigate insect evolution and the origin of new forms


The great capability of insects to adapt to new environments promoted their extraordinary diversification. The key phylogenetic position of mayflies within Paleoptera as the sister group of the rest of winged insects, together with their life history traits, make them an essential order to understand insect evolution. To answer these questions, we have successfully established the mayfly Cloeon dipterum as a model species with a continuous culture in the lab. We have sequenced and assembled a high quality reference genome and we provide the first analyses of the genomic bases underlying the evolution of the chemical and visual perception systems and the origin of insect wings, paving the way for a better understanding of how insects colonized the sky and explored a huge variety of new ecological niches.


You can check out more of Isabel's work here.


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Topic: Workshops in Ecology and Behaviour (WEB)

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