‌Fascination of Plants Day 2021

Image of flower showing stamens anthers and pollenSingle Daisy flower

What are the 100 most important questions for plant science research?

Research conducted by plant scientists is vitally important to meet the global challenges of the 21st Century. What are the most pressing/urgent challenges to be tackled by plant science research? In this consultation we welcome views from everyone, including members of the public as well as academia, farmers, policy makers, funding bodies and industry.

Questions can be submitted until the end of December 2021 using the following link: www.newphytologist.org/100-important-plant-science-questions-revisited. Using this link you can also request to be a panel member.

One hundred questions from these submissions will be selected by a panel and the final list will be published in the New Phytologist.

We look forward to hearing your responses.   

Professor Claire Grierson, Dr Emily R Larson and Dr Helen Harper 

Nigella blue flower with foliage





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