Rethinking spaces explores what opportunities digital innovations afford us in rethinking the curriculum/teaching and learning spaces in the 21st century. The theme covers:

  • Understanding of the relationship between the use of classroom space, technology and learning
  • Curriculum development and learning design opportunities
  • Well-being and the influence of teaching and learning spaces
  • Using space to support pedagogical innovation
  • Transformational blended learning e.g. teaching beyond face-to face delivery or using simulations and augmented reality
  • Open educational resources and practices

Visit our Rethinking Spaces papers and resources on our blog, including a recordings from the Rethinking Spaces theme launch symposium (June 2018).

Share your practice!

Are you currently working with space, physically or virtually, in a way you think ohters may be interested in? Please get in touch to share you practice with us! 

Teaching Spaces Princples

As part of this theme we have developed five teaching spaces which are intended to provide a pedagogical framework for the design of teaching and learning spaces. 

View the Teaching Principles on our blog.

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