Subject Editorial Boards

The BILT Student Research Journal provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain practical, professional experience in academic publishing through joining the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board receive training and guidance in academic editing and publishing practices, as well as developing key skills in project management, publicity, publishing, and editing.

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The BILT Student Research Journal is built on an ethos of collaboration, creating a culture of pride and value in exceptional undergraduate research, and encouraging the engagement of students as co-producers and facilitators of their own work. The Subject Editorial Boards are essential to this, carrying out a rigorous peer-review process and providing critical, lively feedback.

What can you gain from being part of a Subject Editorial Board?

  • Develop editorial skills and being part of an editorial team
  • Acquire experience in the scholarly publication process
  • Gain skills in leadership, collaboration, analysis, teamwork, and problem solving
  • Great experience for those interested in a career in academia, publishing, journalism, or editorial practice
  • Become a more confident researcher and decision maker
  • Shape important debates in your subject
  • For undergraduates, gain an insight into embarking on postgraduate degree

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