BILT currently has its spotlight on programme-level assessment and the work taking place in collaboration with the Higher Education Academy (HEA). 

Programme level assessment (PLA)

The University is currently piloting the concept of programme-level assessment /programme focussed assessment across the institution with a group of pioneer programmes.  This initiative is linked to the delivery of the Education Strategy, around embedding assessment for learning and “articulating the cyclical relationship between learning, assessment and feedback and improving students’ understanding of their learning experience.” (Action 2.3)

The initial phase has involved working with the Higher Education Academy (HEA), BILT and FEDs who have been helping to run a series of workshops/labs with schools to explore programme design initiatives enabling programme level assessment. The first series of Assessment Labs are underway to map existing assessment landscapes: the variety and quantity, the timing and connections, and the idea of assessment for learning, with assessment and feedback as a holistic approach.

The second set of Assessment Labs are scheduled for February and will involve programme mapping and scoping out the key principles and rationale for assessment.  This programme re-design should create a more coherent programme, ensuring students can meet the programme intended learning outcomes, engage in a wide range of assessment skills and reduce assessment loads.

The initial All Bristol Forum kick started the discussion around assessment literacy with and for students and we will continue to explore this.  In addition Bristol Futures, Bristol Skills Framework and the Institutional Principles for Assessment and Feedback are all being established as part of the development of PLA.  Already these workshops have thrown up ideas around changes needed to regulations and guidance to enable schools to deliver innovative programmes and the constraints of the existing structure of the academic year.

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