Discretionary Seedcorn Funding (DSF)

Discretionary Seedcorn Funding (DSF) has been added to BILT’s funding portfolio to provide staff with an opportunity to access responsive and agile funding outside of specified themes, allowing staff the freedom to explore and experiment with short projects in new areas of teaching and learning.

The DSF scheme aims to drive innovation at Bristol, developing excellence and efficiency and supporting innovative solutions in teaching and learning. DSF’s are awarded annually and run for a period of six months from January to June, intended to either kick start a new project or provide sustained funding for an existing project over a short, set period.

Funded projects can be individual or collaborative, bringing together support from other partners either at the University or including business, universities and colleges, and other public agencies. 

Six grants, each up to £1,500, are available to any member of academic or professional services staff (including staff on fixed term contracts where the contract covers the period of the proposed project).

The next round of applications for Discretionary Seedcorn Funds will open in October 2019. 

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