A quick guide to BILT

Why does BILT exist?

Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching exists to promote education and educators at the University by supporting staff and enabling and disseminating pedagogic innovation and research. BILT is guided by the strategic aim of ensuring the best evidence-based learning experience for our students.

What activities does it do?

BILT’s engagement activities will be continually reviewed and developed based on staff feedback, but will initially include:

The activites will range from university-wide initiatives to individual support.

How does it inform change?

BILT supports the Education Strategy though activities and themes, and receives and makes recommendations as appropriate to the University Education Committee. Much of our work is guided by our periodic themes, currently Assessment and Educational Spaces.

Who does BILT work with?

BILT both supports, and is supported by, staff across the University. It is reliant on staff expertise and experience to help develop activities and inform change. BILT will have a small CORE team and will draw its main resource from schools through academic fellows and associates.


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