BILT’s aims are:

  1. To advance the use and production of education research and scholarship so that our students benefit from a curriculum that is based in evidence.
  2. To articulate, champion and support educational excellence at the University.
  3. Enhance the University's reputation for teaching and learning both nationally and internationally.
  4. To provide academic and professional support to enable educational enhancement in the institution.

BILT’s objectives includes:

  1. Supporting the development of a culture of educational innovation within schools and departments.
  2. Developing an education which is inclusive and flexible.
  3. Supporting the Bristol Futures curriculum which seeks to enhance career-readiness within our students.
  4. Supporting the translation and dissemination of good practice across schools and departments.
  5. Embedding the principles of education for sustainable development.

The first of BILT's themes is Assessment and will run from 2017-2020.

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