Bristol Biogeochemistry Research Centre

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The Bristol Biogeochemistry Research Centre (BBRC) is an interdisciplinary venture that brings together researchers from a number of departments within the University. The Centre has evolved from 30 years of natural environment research at Bristol. The BBRC has recently benefited from a range of new staff appointments in the participating departments and provision of state-of-the-art laboratories and instrumentation supported through the Science Research Investment Fund. The activities of the BBRC are truly international with collaborators in every continent. The research undertaken addresses cutting edge questions in Earth System Science involving atmosphere/biosphere/geosphere interactions and falls into a number of major themes

The BBRC is exceptionally well-equipped, possessing facilities for organic mass spectrometry (for analyses of gases to solids), stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry (carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen isotopes, both bulk and compound-specific; the latter being a particular specialisation), gas chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, ion chromatography, bacterial counting and biological culture suites. A recent addition has been a mobile laboratory constructed from a sea container that can be appropriately equipped for targeted field campaigns. The BBRC has strong links with the School of Biological Sciences, the Bristol Glaciology Centre and BRIDGE and hosts the Bristol node of the NERC Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry Service.

The (in)formal Biogeochemistry Group consists of a vibrant collection of researchers working at the interfaces of biology, chemistry, earth sciences and chemistry who meet regularly to discuss aspects their work and all things biogeochemical, they have a Wiki for discussions and information of events.