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Pleonasm Exercise.

In the following exercise you will be presented with some sentences containing redundant words. You have to select which words are redundant.


Tim and Paul decided to return again for a second time to the old ancient house.

a) again
b) ancient or old
c) decided
d) for a second time
The following words are certainly redundant: again, ancient (or old). You could argue that 'for a second time' is also redundant. It would depend whether the fact that they are returning for a second time is important or not.
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It is usually his custom to visit the houses of the affluent rich.

a) custom
b) usually
c) affluent or rich
d) visit
Redundant words are:


affluent or rich

custom and visit are not redundant.
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The group wanted to climb up to the very summit at the top of the mountain.

a) climb
b) up
c) at the top of the mountain
d) very
Redundant words here are:


at the top of the mountain


Climb is essential and cannot be ommitted.

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Thanks to their joint collaboration the archeologists found the handwritten manuscript in the destroyed ruins of the monastery.

a) archaeologists
b) joint
c) handwritten
d) destroyed
Redundant words are:




'Archaeologists' is important for the sense of the sentence.
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The missiles are able to hit their intended targets accurately with precise precision.

a) intended
b) missiles
c) precise
d) accurately
Redundant words here are:



You could argue that 'intended' is also redundant as something is always intended to hit the target.
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Copy and paste the redundant word or words in these sentences into the box.


The amount of money available was not sufficient enough.

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The missile attack was an unexpected surprise.

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The blue vase was completely and totally unique.

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The wall was marred by a small, tiny speck of paint.

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Last Thursday, The Chief of Police deviated from his regular, usual routine.

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