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Confusable words 3.

Choose the correct word for each of these sentences.


A modern computer _______ many small parts.

a) comprises
b) composes
Please select an answerCorrect. No. It is composed of many parts.
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In a good essay, you should _______ important opinion on the subject.

a) site
b) cite
c) sight
Please select an answerNo. Site means a place. Correct. No. Sight means the ability to see.
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I walked _______ the shop twice before going in.

a) passed
b) past
Please select an answerNo. Passed is the past tense of 'to pass'. Correct.
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_______ going to have to do better than that.

a) You're
b) Your
Please select an answerCorrect. You're is the shortened form of 'you are'.No. Your is a possessive word meaning 'belonging to you'.
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Global warming is producing some worrying _______ changes.

a) climactic
b) climatic
Please select an answerNo. Climactic means pertaining to or leading to a climax. Correct. Climatic means 'to do with the weather'.
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The discovery of the ancient coins was of huge _______ importance.

a) historical
b) historic
Please select an answerCorrect. Historical means 'relating to the study of history'. No. Historic means 'of great importance or significance in history'.
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This wine _______ the food perfectly.

a) compliments
b) complements
Please select an answerNo. Compliments means to say something nice about somebody.Correct. Complement means to make whole or perfect.
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Are you able to _______ me that you will have the work done on time?

a) ensure
b) assert
c) assure
Please select an answerNo. You can ensure that something is done.No. Assert means to affirm.Correct. Assure means to make somebody certain.
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The comma should _______ a subordinating conjunction.

a) proceed
b) precede
Please select an answerNo. Proceed means to go on ahead. Correct. Precede means to come before.
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A football team is _______ of eleven players.

a) composed
b) comprised
Please select an answerCorrect. No.
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