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Confusable Words 2.

Choose the correct word for each of these sentences.


We had to _______ the verdict of the jury.

a) except
b) accept
Please select an answerNo. Except means apart from.Correct.
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She tried to _______ the information her bosses needed.

a) illicit
b) elicit
Please select an answerNo. Illicit means immoral or forbidden.Correct. Elicit means to gather.
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The chancellor had led the country to an _______ crisis.

a) economic
b) economical
Please select an answerCorrect. Economic means relating to the economy. No. Economical means thrifty of cheap to run.
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I _______ that man sitting by the window.

a) loathe
b) loath
Please select an answerCorrect. Loathe means to hate. No. Loath means unwilling. 'I am loath to admit that.'
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This looks like a good _______ for the new football stadium.

a) cite
b) site
c) sight
Please select an answerNo. To cite means to quote. Correct. A site is a place. No. Sight is the ability to see.
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Are you _______ that my jokes are somehow less than funny?

a) inferring
b) implying
Please select an answerNo. To infer means to understand/be the subject of an implication.Correct. To imply means to say something without saying it directly.
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The actor was asked to read her lines _______ .

a) allowed
b) aloud
Please select an answerNo. Allowed means permitted. Correct. Aloud means out loud.
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That new building by the river is totally _______ .

a) incredible
b) incredulous
Please select an answerCorrect. Incredible means 'hard to believe'. No. Incredulous means 'unbelieving'.
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The king's soldiers secured a _______ victory.

a) historical
b) historic
Please select an answerNo. Historical means 'relating to history'.Correct. Historic means 'having importance in history'.
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I came to you for some good _______ .

a) advice
b) advise
Please select an answerCorrect. Advice is a noun. No. Advise is a verb, to give advice.
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