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Confusable words 1.

Choose the correct word for each of these sentences.


The film was full of clever special _______ .

a) affects
b) effects
Please select an answerNo. Affect is a verb meaning 'to have an impact on'. Correct. Effect is a noun.
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I'm not sure _______ we will be able to attend the wedding.

a) whether
b) weather
Please select an answerCorrect. No. 'Weather' means climate.
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Several bricks in the garden wall have come _______ .

a) lose
b) loose
Please select an answerNo. 'Lose' means 'not win'.Correct.
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I am totally _______ in grammar; it is really dull.

a) disinterested
b) uninterested
Please select an answerNo. Disinterested means impartial. Correct. Uninterested means bored.
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The old man gave a chilling _______ .

a) prophesy
b) prophecy
Please select an answerNo. Prophesy is verb; it is what prophets spend their time doing. Correct. Prophecy is a noun; it's what prophets give.
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We needed to order some more _______ .

a) stationery
b) stationary
Please select an answerCorrect. Stationery means office supplies.No. Stationary means not moving.
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The ball was _______ to the new striker who was lurking at the far post.

a) past
b) passed
Please select an answerNo. Past is the time as in the past tense. Correct. Passed is the past tense of to pass.
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Smoking in this building is not _______ .

a) aloud
b) allowed
Please select an answerNo. Aloud means 'out loud'.Correct. Allowed means permitted.
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I am no longer _______ on my parents for financial support.

a) dependant
b) dependent
Please select an answerNo. A dependant is someone who is reliant on another. Correct. Dependent means reliant on another.
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He was _______ to admit to being wrong.

a) loath
b) loathe
Please select an answerCorrect. No. Loathe means to hate.
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