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In the following exercise, you will be presented with some unpunctuated lists. You will need to decide if a colon is needed to introduce the list and to decide on the correct punctuation to separate the elements in the list.

You can use ctrl+c then ctrl+v to copy and paste the question text into the answer box and then edit it.


The magic potion contained the following items frogs snails bats and a large plate of fish and chips.

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Among the distinguished delegates were Professor Jones University of Toronto Professor Smith University of Wigan Dr Hilda Ogden Emeritus Professor of Calligraphy University of Cleethorpes and Dr Will Carling University of Dorchester.

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Amongst my favourite countries are the following Hungary an excellent place to go walking France an excellent place to eat India one of the most vibrant places on Earth and Greece an incomparable combination of culture climate and cuisine.

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Sarah loved singing dancing playing the guitar and playing the piano.

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Paul enjoyed the following hobbies walking in the hills sailing windsurfing and perhaps his most daring exploit extreme ironing.

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We are going to need the spare tyre in case we get a puncture rope oil a spanner and in case there is an emergency a good torch with a set of spare batteries.

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During the summer we experienced all the following types of weather rain wind snow hail sleet and just for good measure thunder.

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The list of candidates is as follows Lord Sutch Monster Raving Loony Party General Snodgrass Campaign for Plain English Mr Andrew Winefield Campaign for Clear Thinking and Mrs Mable Roofer Environmental Concern Party.

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