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Contracted words

In the following questions you will be presented with a list of words and their corresponding contracted forms. You have to match the contracted forms to the correct originals.


a) I am
b) I have
c) I will
d) I would
All correct.Have another look.
Check your answer


a) We have
b) We will
c) We will not
d) We would
e) We are
Fantastic.Think again.
Check your answer


a) She has
b) She will
c) She would
d) She is
All correct.Think again.
Check your answer


a) They are
b) They would
c) They have
d) They will
Great!!Think again.
Check your answer


a) Who will
b) Who would
c) Who has
d) Who is
Well done!!Have another go.
Check your answer

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