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Where to put the Quoted Material.

If the quotation is short (most guides recommend three lines or fewer) you can embed the quoted material in the main body of your text. If you are quoting a specific page or paragraph of a source text, you must reference it with a page or line number.

Passolunghi and Siegel claim that 'children's mathematical difficulties are often explained in terms of working memory deficits' (Journal of Experimental Psychology, 88(4) pp348-367).

An embedded quotation should not stand alone as a complete sentence in the middle of your text.

If the quoted passage is longer, you will need to indent the quoted material.

In the course of the investigation, many of the subjects showed very clear and unexpected working memory profiles:

Participant MH showed an extraordinary ability to remember nonsense words after very few trials. In this respect his working memory was functioning at a level well beyond the norm. This participant did, however, have huge problems with the visual-spatial tasks indicating a very specific cognitive impairment.

(Memory in Everyday Life, p45)