Philosophy Research Seminar - Dr Jade Fletcher


19 March 2020, 2.00 PM - 19 March 2020, 3.30 PM

Dr Jade Fletcher, University of Edinburgh

G2, Cotham House

Social Structures, Ideology, and Bad Sex

This paper is concerned with providing an explanatory framework for thinking about a particular type of morally bad sex. I argue that much of the current literature on bad sex, which takes consent to be the lens through which bad sex should be viewed, is unable to adequately capture some instances of bad sex.

These instances are interesting as it appears that something bad has happened, but it isn’t obvious that those parties who play a direct causal role in the event have done anything wrong. I argue that we should make sense of what has gone wrong in these cases in terms of unjust social structures creating the conditions for bad events.

Whilst my primary aim is to provide a framework for thinking about these cases in particular, I suggest that thinking about bad sex in terms of ideology and social structures provides a richer and more fruitful framework for thinking about morally bad sex at large.

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