Unsolicited sexual images? Who is sending them and why? - Dr Sarah Johns

9 December 2020, 1.00 PM - 9 December 2020, 3.00 PM

Dr Sarah Johns, University of Kent


Unsolicited sexual images? Who is sending them and why? 

The internet has enabled the exchange of graphic, sexual images. There is a fundamental lack of empirical research conducted on the motives for sending self-taken sexual images. The incentives are unknown, as well as the prevalence of the behaviour in general.

We created a predictive model for the sending of unsolicited nude images for both men and women. Our results suggest that, for men, this behaviour is predicted by psychopathy, self-rated mate value, and an accepting attitude towards sending nudes, whereas in women it is predicted by narcissism and a liberal attitude towards sending nudes.

We conclude that female senders can be characterised as sex-positive individuals, and that male senders may have darker intentions and motives. This has implications for how this behaviour is viewed in both legal and sexual health contexts. 

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