Theatres of Migration - Crossing Artistic and Cultural Borders

11 February 2019, 1.00 PM - 11 February 2019, 1.55 PM

Dr Katja Krebs, Dr Gra├ža Correa, Dr Szabolcs Musca

Wickham Theatre, Cantocks Close

The Department of Theatre is delighted to welcome Dr Graça Corrêa (University of Lisbon) and Dr Szabolcs Musca (University of Lisbon/ New Tides Platform, UK). 

As part of their visit, we would like to invite you all to a lunch-time conversation between Dr Correa, Dr Musca, and Dr Katja Krebs. Open to all students and staff, we will begin to explore the relationship between theatre and migration in terms of contemporary as well as a historic theatre practices and flows of migration.

While, Szabolcs Musca will introduce a variety of emerging migrant theatre initiatives both in the UK and mainland Europe as well as exploring the relationship between activism and migrant theatre, Graça Correa will focus on her own directorial practices in terms of a philosophy of alterity.

Katja Krebs will contribute with an introduction to the use of mock-migratory backgrounds in early twentieth-century music-hall performances within the context of colonialism.

The conversation will focus on the unpicking of crisis narratives, the role empathy plays both in theatrical practice as well as Realpolitik of migration, and their foundations in colonial attitudes and complicity as enacted by both audience and performer.

Please, join us with your packed lunch in the Department of Theatre, Cantocks Close, from 1.00pm-1.55pm.

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