Workshop in honour of Prof. Andrew Pyle

17 January 2018, 9.00 AM - 17 January 2018, 5.00 PM

Department of Philosophy Cotham House Room G2

Provisional schedule

9:30 Introduction and commendation

10:00 Tzuchien Tho Must Motion be Continuous? Hobbes, Leibniz and the Structure of Motion

11:00 Jeremy Dunham Condillac's Changing Mind: Perception, Judgment, and Instinct

12:00 LUNCH

13:30 Geoffrey Blumenthal On Progress and Correction in Chemistry, 1766-1813

14:30 Anna Ortín Nadal Descartes on a Semantic Model for Sensory Perception

15:30 Andrew Pyle Malebranche on Occasionalism and Mechanism: The Reply to Fontenelle Revisited

16:30 Final discussion


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