How stable are democracies? — Complex systems perspectives on modern society

11 January 2018, 9.00 AM - 12 January 2018, 5.00 PM

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To what extent can the tools of complex systems research be extended from the natural to the social domain? As complex systems perspectives on physics, biology, chemistry, and biochemistry reach increasing maturity, more and more of the big open questions for the field relate to the analysis of complex social systems.

One particularly important issue is the robustness of social institutions, in general, and democracy, in particular. What makes a democracy robust? And which processes potentially lead to instability of a democratic system?

This workshop brings together academics from the fields of mathematics, network science, biology, political studies, economics amongst others to each offer a perspective on this question from their own field of research. Ample time will be given to discussion of the different viewpoints, and to a debate of emerging ideas.


Organising committee

Karoline Wiesner, School of Mathematics, University of Bristol

Karim Thebault, Department of Philosophy, University of Bristol

Alvin Birdi, Department of Economics, University of Bristol


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