Welcome to Art on the line, the journal for historians and theorists of visual culture, including the history of art, architecture, design and film.

About this journal

Art on the line is a professional, peer-reviewed electronic journal which seeks to provide an international forum for original and innovative research in the field of visual culture. The journal aims to draw together both the breadth and depth of research currently undertaken in art history and design history departments, museums and fine art departments as well as seeking to expand the boundaries of art historical studies into the broader field of cultural studies. Further it seeks to encourage dialogue and debate and to extend the understanding of visual culture within a broad chronological and geographical context. The title, Art on the line, reflects two core values of the journal: Firstly, its means of delivery is electronic, ie, online; secondly, it will include material frequently regarded as on the margins of art history as a discipline.

A Brief History of Art on the line

Art on the line was first launched in the autumn of 2003 and published by Western Academic and Specialist Press Ltd (WASP). Two issues were published between 2003 and 2004 and made freely available. These issues included: academic articles; reviews of books, exhibitions and electronic resources; and news items. Publication of the journal was briefly suspended between 2005 and 2006 and launched again in 2007, published at the University of Bristol. The editor wishes to express his profound thanks to Western Academic and Specialist Press for all their hard work and commitment in bringing the journal into being, and their continued support for the venture.

Art on the line’s Mission

In its first two issues, Art on the line published a wide range of research articles varied in both scope and focus. With its relaunch in 2007, however, the journal is seeking to shift its emphasis towards a more specialist presentation. In particular it aims to provide an arena for the publication of articles collected around a specific subject or theme. Accordingly it welcomes proposals from potential guest editors to oversee special issues which may draw upon material from successful national and international collaborative projects, including conferences or other academic ventures. From time to time it will also publish issues with a wider range of articles gathered from individual submissions.

A major intention of the journal is to maintain free access for all. The journal will be hosted at the University of Bristol and, at present, there are no plans to introduce subscription charges.

This site

From this site you can:

• access all current and past issues of the journal in full
• access and download articles from all issues
• find out how to submit material to the editor
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• contact the editorial team and administrative people involved in this journal's production.

Development of the journal

This journal is a new and exciting venture for us all. We hope to develop it over time to suit the requirements of its readership and to take full advantage of technological developments. Please let us know your views and any ideas you might have for improving the journal.


Referring to this journal

Art on the line is a hybrid, a cross between an electronic and a print journal. The main parts of the journal are designed to be downloaded and printed out for ease of reading. To refer to any item in the journal you need to know what the issue is, what reference the item has been given and within that the page number. So, if the editorial in issue 2003/1 is item 1 and you wish to refer to page 2, your reference will be 2003/1(1):2. We also suggest that you cite the URL of the journal with the reference as described here and the date of accessing the article.