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Celebrating the centenary of The Rite of Spring

15 May 2013

Celebrating the centenary of The Rite of Spring

Revisiting the Rite: The Rite of Spring Centenary Conference

The premiere at the Théâtre des Champs Élysées in Paris on 29 May 1913 of The Rite of Spring Scenes from Pagan Russia was a quintessential ‘total work of art’. This interdisciplinary, international one-day conference examines the cross-fertilizations between ballet and design in the creation of the original production as well its critical reception and global legacies up to the current 2013 centenary productions. Seventeen scholars from universities around the globe will investigate both the continuity and ruptures with the traditions of choreographic, visual, musical and literary cultures it provoked.

This event, organized by Dr Claire O'Mahony (Oxford), assisted by Dr. Mike O'Mahony, will be held at Kellogg College University of Oxford on 29 May 2013 to mark the precise centenary of this ground-breaking performance. Support for the event has come from the Design History Society and the Transnational Modernisms Research Cluster (Bristol).

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