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Tricha Passes wins the Faculty Teaching & Learning Prize

18 February 2009

Congratulations to Tricha Passes for winning a University Teaching & Learning Prize

Tricha Passes has been awarded a University Teaching & Learning Prize in recognition of her excellent teaching. Her nomination for the Prize was as follows:

"Tricha Passes has provided outstanding teaching for our students over the past four years.   She introduces them to intellectually challenging material in a structured and accessible manner, providing a learning experience that is in every way equal to that offered by permanent members of staff.   Her contribution goes way beyond what one might reasonably expect from an hourly-paid teacher.   She conducts tutorials, unpaid, for students preparing written work and unselfishly gives students access to her extensive private library: those who have benefited from her supervision of their final-year dissertations speak particularly highly of her close support.   She organises visits to important exhibitions, giving students the benefit of her knowledge in the presence of original works of art.   Her academically rigorous but engaging approach is a model of excellence in undergraduate teaching: her elective classes are always oversubscribed.   All permanent members of the academic staff admire her teaching skills and her incisive contributions to research seminars and all fully support her nomination for a teaching award."

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