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History of Art welcomes new postdoctoral fellow

7 October 2009

Dr Kate Nichols joins the department as Henry Moore Institute Postdoctoral Fellow

Kate Nichols completed her PhD, ‘Greece and Rome at the Crystal Palace, 1854-1936’ in September 2009, at Birkbeck College’s School of History, Classics and Archaeology. She will be taking up a Henry Moore Institute postdoctoral fellowship at Bristol’s Institute of Greece, Rome and the Classical Tradition in October 2009, and is teaching a BA unit ‘Picturing the Past. Victorian Paintings and the Classical Tradition’ with Professor Liz Prettejohn for History of Art, and an MA option, ‘Art and antiquities on Show’, which will be available to both History of Art and Classics and Ancient History students.

Kate will be developing her thesis into a new research project, ‘Mass audiences for classical sculpture’, using a range of case studies (including the Crystal Palace) to discuss the social and cultural context of nineteenth-century display of classical antiquities. What happens to the supposedly elite status of classical sculpture once it is readily available to all? How does its status change when exhibited not alongside other ‘museum objects’ but consumer goods and spectacular entertainments? And how has the display of sculpture in the past contributed to our understanding of it today? She is particularly interested in how sculpture figures in debates over design reform, taste, beauty and morality, issues surrounding the ‘appropriation’ of classical images, and ideas about ancient and modern democracy.

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