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University of Bristol US Foundation: A Vision of Community

13 October 2017

Welcome to the University of Bristol US Foundation, which aims to bring together our alumni working and living in the States through sharing information and insight on key issues facing our alma mater, through networking and communications.

Our aspiration for the Foundation is to strengthen the alumni community here for the benefit of ourselves and, most importantly, for the University. We believe the potential value of our effort will serve both sides of this same coin. Our ambitions, in several areas, mirror those embedded in the strategy recently communicated by Vice-Chancellor Hugh Brady. In fact, a number of our States-based alumni were invited to participate in the development of the strategy, and did so with energy and enthusiasm.

The need to grow Bristol’s international presence was one key point that was raised in that process. So too were the goals of better, more proactive recruiting of international students, of ongoing leverage and promotion of Bristol’s widely-respected academic resources, and of reinforcing the University’s overseas networks through enhanced communications using a variety of channels.

In summary, we want to raise what one might term the 'brand awareness' of the University to a level equal to what Bristol has achieved globally through its academic research, the accomplishments of its alumni, and the reputation of its faculty and administration. As the US Foundation grows its role as a supporter of our great University, we hope you will join us as a participant in our endeavours. And if you are already engaged with us, thank you.

Lesley Silvester (BA 1968)

Chair of the University of Bristol US Foundation