Advice for our Study Experts

Our Study Experts and offer holders both contribute to achieve a productive and rewarding experience. Our guidance aims to help you get the most out of this connection.

Complete your profile

A complete profile gives you the best chance of being found by a suitable offer holder, so please take time to complete it in detail. It is particularly important to make sure that the checklist of the Expert 'services' you are able and willing to provide is kept up to date and the number of simultaneous connections reflects your capacity. We want you to volunteer based on the time and energy you have available.

Be credible

The most effective Experts are those that have credibility and experience in the area where the offer holder is looking for support. Most people will seek the guidance of different Experts to help them reach important decisions or help them develop specific skills or qualities. Make sure you list your skills and expertise within your Expert profile. Being credible doesn't mean you need to have all the answers. The best answers for an offer holder will come from their own thinking, with the help of coaching and experience to support them.

Be genuinely interested in the offer holder as an individual

After reviewing your offer holder's profile, it is likely you are already genuinely interested in them as an individual. This will help drive the guidance and advice you provide, ensuring it will be of genuine assistance to them in their study choices and subsequent career. It's essential to show the offer holder you see this relationship as important and reciprocal, and to make sure that any time you provide, even if it is just a few emails, demonstrates that you are giving them your full attention and are interested in helping them reach their important decision.

Share your experiences and insights

In doing so, choose stories that you feel are appropriate and helpful, but do so in a neutral way, without any attachment to how your contact will use this learning. Be open to sharing your mistakes and failures too, as these are often where our biggest lessons are learned.

Be objective

The Expert relationship is a unique one that the offer holder is unlikely to have come across before. They may not have found the same objective advice from a parent or a tutor in previous situations. It is important to make sure your advice is objective wherever possible, so that they can separate and compare it to other advice they have received, in this sense it becomes all the more valuable to them.

Study Expert guide

Read our guide for alumni.

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