Advice for offer holders

The Study Expert programme is a reciprocal, two-way exchange. Our Study Experts and offer holders both contribute to achieve a productive and rewarding experience. Here's our advice on getting the most out of the relationship.

Offer holders who participate in the programme understand that Study Experts are busy professionals volunteering their time and experience. They understand that their role is to inspire and guide.

Complete your profile

Our Study Experts have a limited amount of resources available to them and they may have to decide which of several offer holder applicants to choose from first. Give yourself the best chance of selection by having a complete profile which includes your interests and aspirations.


In order to sustain a relationship with an Expert, take the initiative and ask a question. Let them know your educational and professional interests and objectives, and to ask about their own experiences. Your Expert has already made clear what kind of advice they are happy to offer so don't be afraid to ask.

Honour your commitment

Your Expert probably has a very demanding job. They have volunteered to take on the added responsibility of being an Expert. Please be appreciative of their time and investment and respond in a timely manner to their questions and comments. If you don't have the time to respond at length, send a short message letting them know you will be in contact when you have the opportunity.

Expect support, not miracles

You can expect a certain level of support and advice from an Expert, but they can't solve your problems for you. Perhaps the most valuable quality an Expert can offer is an objective point of view. An Expert can put the situation in perspective, offer feedback, serve as a sounding board, and identify others who could potentially help. They may suggest activities you can engage in or small ways you can position your work to meet your goals as well as resources that may be helpful to you.

Communicate clearly

Initiate contact with your Expert if you have questions or would like to discuss something. Identify your needs and communicate them as clearly as possible. It may be helpful to put some focused energy into organising your thoughts and concerns before talking to your Expert, so that the time is spent wisely.

Be teachable

Be willing to learn new things, obtain another perspective, and be responsive to suggestions and constructive criticism.

Remember to say thank you!

Take the time to thank your Expert and let them know how they've helped you. Once an Expert has helped you as much as they can, please close the relationship via the Expert system, so they can help another offer holder.

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