Inclusion at Children of the 90s

Our commitment to inclusion

Children of the 90s benefits from the diverse lived experiences of our participants and we aim for all our participants  regardless of their sex or gender identity  to feel welcomed, valued and respected within the study.

Our staff are committed to gender awareness and inclusion and will not discriminate against participants on the grounds of their gender identity, gender expression, trans identity, trans history, or trans status.


It is up to each person to decide whether or not they wish to disclose their trans identity, trans history, or trans status to the study. If they do decide to disclose this information, the study will provide a supportive and confidential environment for them. Their decision will be recorded, and we will make every effort to communicate with people using terms they choose.

Changing your name, gender and preferred pronouns

To let us know that you have changed your name, gender and/or pronouns, please contact us at It is important to us that we use your name, gender, title and pronouns correctly. Our Engagement Team are there to help you and will be discreet and respectful of your wishes. They can amend your records so that we will always address you in the correct manner.

The study also has a responsibility under the Data Protection Act to ensure that the personal information of our participants is accurate and up to date, so it is important that we hold a correct title as well as legal and preferred names.


If a study participant informs us they are trans or non-binary, it is the responsibility of all staff within the study to treat this information confidentially. No identifying information will be shared with any third party at any time without the individual’s explicit consent. Children of the 90s is committed to complying with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Equality Act 2010, in order to safeguard the privacy and safety of our participants.

Data Protection and Confidentiality Information relating to trans individuals is a separate category under the Data Protection Act 2018. An additional level of confidentiality is required, and consent (usually written) from the individual concerned is required prior to information disclosure (such as trans status or trans history) to a third party.

Gender-neutral facilities

We understand it is important to have a non-disabled, gender-neutral toilet facility available at our main clinic location in Oakfield House. This toilet facility is located on the ground floor, east corridor of Oakfield House. A disabled, gender-neutral toilet facility can also be found here.

Who to contact 

If you have any questions relating to our gender inclusion policy and practices, please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Information in accessible formats

If there is something we can do to help you take part in Children of the 90s then feel free to get in touch. We will gladly arrange for British Sign Language interpreters, interpreters if English isn’t your first language, and large print materials or interpreters.

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