How to pay your accommodation fees

You don't need to pay any accommodation fees until after you have moved into your accommodation and you have received an invoice. Your invoice will be produced from the 28 September. You will be able to see your invoices online through the MyBristol portal. You must accept your accommodation offer before you can receive an invoice.

Once your invoice has been produced, you can then pay your fees. We prefer students to pay by direct debit, but alternatively we do accept payments online by credit/debit card.

Please see our fees flowchart (PDF) for a quick way to work out how and when you can make your payments. 

Advice on your finances

The University's fee's and funding team can offer you tips and advice on managing your finances whilst away at University, as well as details of other funding options that may be available to you. 

Debt procedure

The process the University will follow if you fall behind with your rent payments. 

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