Reporting problems with your partnership residence

How to tell us about problems with repairs and maintenance in accommodation owned by our partners.

If you have a problem with your residence that requires repair or attention, you should always report it using the process for your residence e.g. reporting online, if you are unsure what that process is please ask at the reception desk in your residence. 

If you have reported a repair but you feel a repair is taking too long or has not been completed satisfactorily, you should follow this up with your residence. Unite, Fresh Student Living, The Student Housing Company and A2Dominion each have a complaints policy, the details of which are shown in the blue box on this page.  

If after complaining directly to your residence you feel your issue has still not been resolved, you can use the form below to let us know and we will investigate on your behalf.

You should only use this form if:

  • You are living in one of our partnership residences
  • You have reported the repair or maintenance problem as instructed directly to A2Dominion, Fresh Student Living, The Student Housing Company or Unite Students staff, or used the Unite Students online reporting facility.
  • You have raised your concerns about how long it is taking or how it is being completed with reception staff at your residence, in accordance with their complaints policy.
  • You have given A2Dominion, Fresh Student Living, The Student Housing Company or Unite Students staff time to respond.

Do not use this form to report a repair or replacement for the first time as your request will not be dealt with.

Please follow the link below and complete the form as fully as possible to explain what has happened and how it has affected you.

Complete the form

Please note: completing this form does not guarantee any form of goodwill payment.

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