If you are a non-guaranteed accommodation applicant or feel that University-allocated accommodation isn't for you, you may like to consider our HomeStay service. It offers you the security of living with a family, couple or single person in the local area whose property has been inspected by the University - living independently in somebody’s home.

Our HomeStay service puts you, the student, in touch with homeowners who have a room available to rent in their property. Unlike other lodging arrangements, you will have the security of knowing that the property has been inspected by the University, and that we have made sure the landlord knows what to expect from the process. 

Who will I be living with? 

There is no typical HomeStay host. Some are young professionals or recent graduates; others are middle-aged couples and some retired. An important part of viewing the property will be meeting the Host and deciding if they are someone you would be happy to live with. 

What are the typical costs? 

Rents will vary depending on the facilities available to you. For example, you should expect to pay more for an en suite bathroom, or dedicated living space. The rent will usually include utility bills and may even include extras such as wi-fi.  

The HomeStay service will provide you with a rent book, which we recommend you co-sign with your Host each time you make a rent payment, so all payments are recorded. Under no circumstances should you pay an entire terms rent in advance, unless you are certain you want to stay as refunds may be difficult to obtain. Hosts may ask for the payment of a damage deposit and most will require rent to be paid to retain your room during periods you are away i.e on holiday. 


  • Bills are generally included in the rent
  • Owner-occupied properties can be kept in better repair than rented properties
  • HomeStay agreements offer more flexibility in tenancy length than in many rentals. If you pay weekly you would be required to give two week's notice to leave; so if it’s not working out, you can end the arrangement fairly quickly.
  • All homes are visited annually by the HomeStay team.


  • If you fall out with your Host, or don't get along, you will usually have no option but to find somewhere else to live. 
  • You might have less freedom to bring friends or guests home than in a standard rental.
  • You will be living by someone else’s house rules – although the HomeStay team will agree all house rules with the Host before advertising the property.

Contact us

If you’d like more information on HomeStay, please email us at


If you have a room available and are interested in becoming a HomeStay Host, visit our Landlord pages for details. 

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