Coronavirus and your private rented accommodation

Covid-19 has caused a number of significant complicating factors for students renting in the private sector. Our advisers are working to produce the most relevant and up to date information possible based on current government advice and legislation.

Information for students whose tenancies will be ending soon

If you are planning to collect your belongings

If you are not currently in Bristol and need to travel back to collect your belongings from your house or flat there are many things for you to consider. Firstly, and most importantly is the Government advice on travel and the safety of yourself and those you are likely to come into contact with. Please follow the Government guidelines.

  • Only travel when safe to do so.
  • Plan your visit with your landlord or letting agent  – do not just turn up. You need to check their availability to return the keys and complete paperwork.
  • Think about what to do with your belongings and any unwanted items:
    •  Do not leave large amounts of waste on the street. This is fly tipping and the fines for this are huge.
    • Abandoned waste goes to landfill.
    • Everything including food can be donated, recycled, or upcycled.
    • Bristol's Big Give is not able to run this year. Please consider taking unwanted items with you to donate to charity shops when they open.
    • The City Council has a bulky waste collection service

If you cannot get back to collect your belongings

If your circumstances mean you do not think you’ll be able to collect your belongings before your tenancy ends, consider: 

  • Could your friends or housemates help to pack and store your belongings?
  • Will your landlord/letting agent store, pack or arrange for your belongings to be shipped to you? There are companies that can help with this, see the FAQs below.
  • Communicate with your landlord/letting agent.

Information for students who are moving to a new house or flat in Bristol

  • Check with the landlord or letting agent that the property is ready for you to move into.
  • Plan the move – try to transfer everything in one move.
  • If you are moving from a University residence into private rented accommodation, please be aware that you cannot currently return to residences to collect belongings.  

Information for landlords

Information and advice for landlords and letting agents about what you should do with belongings left in the property at the end of a tenancy if a student is unable to collect due to Coronavirus travel restricions or illness. 

Coronavirus and private accommodation FAQs



Tenancy agreements and contracts

Leaving a tenancy 


New tenancies for 2020/21

Government Guidance

See the latest government guidance for landlords and tenants in relation to Covid-19

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