Accommodation management and support

Accommodation management

Postgraduate residences are leased by the University exclusively for University of Bristol students. The residences are owned and managed by staff from one of our partnership companies:

  • A2Dominion
  • Abodus Student Living
  • Study Inn
  • The Student Housing Company
  • Unite Students
  • Prestige Student Living

Further details are given on the residence guides.

The team of management staff will:

  • ensure that the accommodation is kept in a good state of repair and well maintained;
  • ensure that communal areas are kept clean and free of obstructions;
  • work closely with their own or the University’s Security Services to ensure the security of their residents;
  • protect the health and safety of everyone who lives and works in the residence;
  • work closely with the University’s pastoral team to ensure that any welfare or academic problems are properly addressed.

There will be times when management staff need to enter your flat or room. They are required to give you 24 hours advanced notice unless it is an emergency. Each accommodation provider should inform you of their policy on entering rooms and inspections.

If you have a problem with your accommodation you should always approach the management staff in your building first.

If the problem is not resolved despite speaking to management staff in your building, then you can contact the Accommodation Office with details of the unresolved issue.

Support for new postgraduates

All postgraduate students living in University-allocated accommodation are also provided with a network of University support staff. Each residence belongs to a residential Village, each with a Student Support Centre, open 24 hours a day 7 days a week offering services and support to students in our residences.Find your Student Support Centre by visiting your residence guide

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