Booking accommodation in 20/21

Please be aware that the UK government is currently advising students to remain at home, study online and not move into their University accommodation.  

Please be reassured that we are holding all rooms for our flexible arrival students until they are able to move in and they will not be charged rent while travel restrictions prevent them from arriving.

We've introduced a range of flexible arrival measures to allow for the current changing world situation.

Tenancy dates and charging 

To allow for the current uncertainty, we've introduced a range of flexible options for students moving into our residences. These will vary depending on where you are coming from and which residence you are living in. Please read the full information below to understand which applies to you.  

Students from the UK and EU

Tenancies in all residences, except Deans Court, Woodland Court, Chantry Court and Unite House, will begin on Friday 18 September, but the first week will be offered free of charge to students from the UK and EU, so that you will only be charged rent from 26th September to your tenancy end date.

For undergraduates, there is no rent in advance payable on booking your room.

For postgraduates, you will need to pay £500 rent in advance on booking your room.

You will need to book your arrival slot through your online induction after accepting your accommodation offer.  Please note that you will not be able to move in before your tenancy start date.

Students from the rest of the world 

To allow for the current uncertainty with long-haul international air travel, students paying fees at the international rate and moving into any of our residences, excluding Deans Court, Woodland Court and Chantry Court (see below) will be able to move into their residence at any time between the tenancy start date for their residence (see your accommodation offer for the tenancy start date for your specific residence) and 16 December.  Rent will only be charged from the 26 September or the day you check into your room, whichever is later. Rent will then be payable until the published tenancy end date. Please see the terms and conditions for full details. 

To take advantage of flexible arrivals you must have accepted your accommodation offer within the deadline and paid £800 rent in advance before 18 September. The £800 charge applies to all international students, both undergraduate and postgraduate. After accepting your offer in the system you will be sent details of how to make the rent in advance payment. Your room is not confirmed until the payment is received.  

We will be emailing any international students who have paid their £800 rent in advance and not checked into their room in October to find out when you would like to arrive.  We will also give you your payment information.  We appreciate that you may not yet know when you would like to arrive and will give you a way to contact us once you know.  It’s important that you let us know as soon as your flights are booked so that we can arrange for someone to check you into your room and deliver your quarantine pack if needed. 

If you are not able to move in by 16 December but wish to keep your room, you can keep your room if you pay the full rent from 16 December even though you are not living there. Under these circumstances, rent will be payable until the tenancy end date, even if you do not then come in January. If you do not wish to pay rent to hold the room, you will need to cancel your accommodation offer and apply for accommodation again in November for a January arrival

Deans Court, Woodland Court and Chantry Court

These residences are Nomination Properties. This means that although you apply to the University for a place in them, a private provider is your landlord. The University is therefore not able to offer the same policies as above in these residences.  The tenancy and charging dates for these residences will be sent with your accommodation offer and are also published on our Undergraduate fees PDF and our Postgraduate fees PDF. All students offered a place in Deans Court, Woodland Court and Chantry Court will be required to pay rent in advance of £500 on booking. Find out more about our nomination properties

Please see our frequently asked questions on flexible tenancies.

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