Coronavirus and our students

Clear communication with students is central to keeping our University and neighbouring communities safe.

We believe the majority of students are behaving very sensibly. However, we understand the concerns of local residents and are alert to reports of anti-social behaviour and breaches of public health guidance; particularly as it relates to social distancing. We treat all complaints about student misconduct in the community very seriously and we have a clear process in place to address and monitor reported problems.

Under the campaign heading Staying Safe and Being Respectful, our regular communications with students set out, in no uncertain terms, public health rules and the University’s behavioural expectations – both on campus and in the wider community. As a result, our students will understand that they are required to follow the current University guidance and Government guidance regarding social distancing. This includes:

  • Behaving in a responsible way in the community and on University premises.
  • Wearing face coverings in indoor public places such as shops.
  • knowing and following Government guidance regarding meeting up with groups of friends or classmates outside of their household or living circle, including staying overnight in other households or inviting other people to stay overnight in theirs.
  • Generally having consideration and respect for the people around them, including the local community.
  • Follow the current Government guidance regarding mass gatherings.
  • Be familiar with and adhere to government guidelines regarding the household they live in.
  • Self-isolate if they or anyone in their household has any signs of coronavirus or have had a positive coronavirus test.
  • Keep the University and their household informed if they experience any coronavirus symptoms.
  • If they have symptoms, get a test to confirm whether they have coronavirus.
  • Keep their personal details including their term-time address and contact telephone number up to date so that they can be contacted quickly if the University needs to do.
  • Comply with the Local Rules and Regulations for Residences, including rules relating to fire safety and health and safety.
  • Act as a respectful, empathetic and considerate member of the community in all their dealings with the wider Bristol Community.

Student misconduct

We are very grateful to the vast majority of students who are following government guidance and demonstrating incredible resilience as they begin or continue their studies. On registering as a student this year, all students were required to sign up to our COVID Behaviour Policy, which clearly sets out our expectations and potential consequences for misbehaviour.

We are clear that non-compliance with COVID-related public health guidance and legislation, whether it occurs on University premises or in the community, is deemed an act of misconduct.

We know that situations can arise where members of the public might feel concerned about behaviour that they witness it he community. The University’s Community Liaison Officer has the power to investigate misconduct in the community, including breaches of the above-noted expectations. If a student is found guilty of misconduct, there are a range of penalties that can be imposed, as set out in the University’s Student Disciplinary Regulations. Any breach may also be a criminal offence and will be dealt with appropriately.

Our ResiLife and Security Teams have also been empowered to issue on the spot fines for misbehaviour.

In partnership with Avon and Somerset Police, we have restarted Operation Beech (University-funded police patrols aimed at addressing unacceptable student behaviour in the community).

We also fund a University Police officer.

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